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Why We Are Successful in Hair Removal Process ?

1) Hair removal process progresses under dermatologist control:

Our pre-treatment patients are first checked through the control of dermatologist to determine whether laser hair removal is appropriate. If so, the causes of overfoot are investigated, the treatment for the wound and the hair removal are carried out simultaneously. Controls are made at regular intervals, if necessary, the device is exchanged and the maximum result is obtained.

2) What are the benefits of the multiple device option?

a) effective treatment of different depth of hair:

Our hair in the body has different depth and characteristic in each area. For example, facial hair is deeper, and because of the percentage of stem cell density, epilation can respond slightly later than other areas. Especially in this area we can get more support from Nd-YAG laser.

From time to time we have a special case of combined application. One of the biggest complaints we make is the quince fur. Within these feathers we use a different laser called Q switched laser in our clinic.

With q switched laser application, both quince fur is yellowing, there is a feeling of loss in the average of 2 months period and also the tightness and bright appearance of the skin of our patient is provided.

The back and arm hairs are also deeper and may require multi-device applications in epilation, especially due to the thinness of the arm hairs.

b) Effective solution for patients with different skin conditions:

As a working principle, lasers are briefly color sensitive devices. Melanin pigment is the skin and eye color, so after the laser shot both the hair and the melanin is affected. Very dark skinned or bronze skinned patients only use a melanin-loving laser, the skin is damaged and the risk of burning is quite high. In this group of dark-skinned patients we use a laser device called the Nd yag laser.

Nd yag laser does not only see the color, it also allows the hair to be poured by affecting the vessels feeding the hair, and laser hair removal can be performed easily in dark skinned patients.

3) Experienced team advantage:

Every department is managed by a dermatologist, thanks to our team of laser hair removal products based on many years, with different hair and skin structure or very special and the hair removal process is managed successfully.


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