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Dermatologist MD. Filiz Altıoğlu Çığ Responds Your Questions...


    What is Done in Vitiligo Treatment?

    Sunscreen (very resistant sensitive to sun damage) must be used. Pigment enhancer creams Local corticosteroids Creams containing tacosopsis, pimecr0limus. Puva Narrow Band UVB Camouflage Surgery ..

    When are Moles Dangerous?

    Many can show a variety of changes over the years. In adolescence, pregnancy, after the sun, the colors may darken or increase in number. It should be noted that these changes have gradually occurred over a long period of time under certain circumstances. Sudden changes (Color Change, Bleeding, Itching, Growth) are also important in moles and must be evaluated by a dermatologist...

    What is a Computerized Mole Treatment?

    It is a skin microscope that allows 20- to 60-fold enlargement of the changes seen on the moles, making the visible features invisible to the naked eye appear. The obtained images are taken and recorded. This allows the first view to be compared with the images to be captured in the next control. The computerized dermoscope creates a numeric value that shows the risk of cancer by mathematically ca..

    When is the Resistance to the Capillary Vein Treatment ?

    İf the deep veins of the leg  are accompanied by obstruction İf 7-10 days after treatment have been spent on standing and doing sports İf the nose blood flow is excessive. ..

    In Which Areas The Most Cracks Occurs?

    Breast (particularly in girls during development and in pregnancy) Abdomen Hipline Back (during growth, development) Hip, Knee back ..