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  • Sunscreen (very resistant sensitive to sun damage) must be used.
  • Pigment enhancer creams
  • Local corticosteroids
  • Creams containing tacosopsis, pimecr0limus.
  • Puva
  • Narrow Band UVB
  • Camouflage
  • Surgery

Many can show a variety of changes over the years. In adolescence, pregnancy, after the sun, the colors may darken or increase in number. It should be noted that these changes have gradually occurred over a long period of time under certain circumstances. Sudden changes (Color Change, Bleeding, Itching, Growth) are also important in moles and must be evaluated by a dermatologist.

It is a skin microscope that allows 20- to 60-fold enlargement of the changes seen on the moles, making the visible features invisible to the naked eye appear. The obtained images are taken and recorded. This allows the first view to be compared with the images to be captured in the next control. The computerized dermoscope creates a numeric value that shows the risk of cancer by mathematically calculating the suspicious changes that are observed. In addition, digital dermoscopy is not only the examination of the mole, but also can scan other skin cancers.

  • İf the deep veins of the leg  are accompanied by obstruction
  • İf 7-10 days after treatment have been spent on standing and doing sports
  • İf the nose blood flow is excessive.
  • Breast (particularly in girls during development and in pregnancy)
  • Abdomen
  • Hipline
  • Back (during growth, development)
  • Hip, Knee back
  • Golden Needle (Radio Frequency with Needle)
  • Mesotherapy
  • Peeling
  • Dermaroller
  • Are generally light-skinned indivials face; Genetic susceptibility, sun damage, rheumatic diseases, alcohol, rosacea, drug use (estrogen, cortisone, ca channel blockade) develops.
  • In Legs; Genetic background, over standing, sitting, pregnancy facilitating factors.
  • Creams given after application should be applied.
  • Water should not be applied to the treated area for 12 hours.
  • The sunshine and solarium should be kept away for 3 weeks.
  • At least 30 factors sun protection should be applied 3 times a day
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Spot Removal
  • Sunspot Treatment
  • Pore Width
  • Thin Line Treatment
  • Sun and Old Age Treatment
  • Feather Yellowing
  • Acne Treatment
  • Oily Skin Treatment

Any male or female between the ages 30-65 who has a face  sagging problem  can be done.

  • İf the eyelid is low,
  • Sagging and wrinkles around neck,
  • Lowness at cheek and mid-face,
  • İn need of face and chin contour,
  • The need for general healing on the skin and brightening,
  • Under eye dark circle problems
  • Patients complaining of under-eye wrinkles can be treated

It is a procedure that can be easily performed without needing general anesthesia in the clinic conditions. Before the procedure, the patient’s face is numbed with a local anesthetic cream, then applied to the patient with needles with thread on it.

Before starting acne treatment, the patient’s systemic illness, hormonal problems, drug use are questioned and examined.

According to the problem identified, priority is the underlying probing treatment, if there are no problems; Appropriate and long-term treatment and follow-up is absolutly  a success in every patient.

In mild acne, success with washing, skin care, peeling and only local treatment can be achieved with suitable cleaners.In the case of middle-aged inflammatory acne we are accompanied by; Skin care, cleansing peels,  medicines and local creams are recommended. Called heavily acne; If it is the type of both inflammatory and cystic lesions, oral vitamin A tablets cream, skin care, cleansers.

Certain conditions are required for the use of vitamin A tablets;

There is a condition of being over 18 years old and a heavy speckle not responded  by other treatments.

Otherwise, not every patient can not be started because they insist  or because its results are good.

Patients should be warned about possible side effects and written approval should be obtained.

  • Any women and men over 18 years of age are made to each individual.
  • If the over-12-year-old feather is at a level to disrupt the psychological state hair removal, can be done while the doctor investigating the cause.
  • İn sunken feather treatment
  • Patients using drugs with feather side effects such as organ transplant patients.

The ideal patient is patients with open skin and black feather. For darker-skinned patients, beneficial results are obtained with appropriate devices (Diode and Nd-Yag) to be selected in the appropriate season.

  • Spot
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Rejuvenate the skin (remove fine lines, moisturize
  • Pore Width Treatment
  • Old age spots ( hand and face)

In the treatment periorbital dark circle, the first step is to meet the right doctor. At the end of the type examination of your periorbital dark circle and if the exact treatment is given, serious satisfaction is ensured.


  • Some dark  area may heal with a one session filler application.
  • Some periorbital dark circle also require pre-fill laser, peeling, thin fill, which  means  a little more work.
  • The cause of some periorbital dark circle can be attributed to another disease of our patient, which is treated by the disease.
  • As a result; There is a way to make you happy according to the old. It is our duty to show you this way and help you…

How Can I Get Rid of My Acne Scars?

Acne scars are usually occured the acute which is not able to treat and they are caused by the deep infection and the damage of the infection when the acne is constantly blocked. Sometimes the scar remains despite the treatment. İn treatment; if the acne and acne scars are on, both acne and scar treatment can be started together.

Main treatments  used  for  acne scar treatment;

  • Dermatherapy (dermaroller)
  • Gold needle (Radio Frequency with Needle)
  • Fill-in with traces
  • Spot laser treatment
  • Peelings

These treatments can be combined with each other according to the patient. As a result; Acne is a disease that requires long-term treatment. Therefore it is beneficial for our patients to be patient.

The treatment should be carried out by a dermatologist and the specialist’s instructions should be followed.

90% of the fillings we use are hyaluronic acid, a substance that is already the main ingredient of collagen in our skin. Obtained in the laboratory environment  outside. They  are materials with extremely    secure international approvals.

The use of a permanent filler has been almost abandoned because it is a non-reversible application.  We use FDA approved, highly safe, skin-compatible temporary  material made of hyaluronic acid. The temporary filling is easy to turnaround or there is also a melting material of the filler for any decision change.

However, permanent materials do not have such a chance, the situation of being removed by surgical operation which can create an another problem. The duration of impact of temporary fillers depends on the area in which they are placed. For example, it ranges from 6-8 months in a continuously moving area such as the lips, at least 1 year in under-eye, and 8-12 months in the cheek. Even when the filler is over time, the patient never go back to the begining, because of the reparative effect of the filler mentioned above, absolutely looks better.

As Bot0x application is known to be applied to the area known as crow’s feet in the forehead, eyebrows and around the eye, you will temporarily have an enlightened face while reducing your activity of the muscles to some extent and saving you from your wrinkles. With an average of 4-6 events, Bot0x application will not wrinkle during this time. So, how long do you start your wrinkles depending on your mimic without turning into permanent fractures, you get so lasting beauty.We can also invest in the future.


With Bot0x application, you will temporarily get rid of your mimic lines and light up. In this process you will see a lot of light and wrinkle free, but you will not be able to use your facial expressions until 4-6 months, so you will also delay the wrinkling of aging.

At the end of this process, your muscles begin to contract from where they were again. Bot0x has no lasting effect. The only complaint after passing through the effect could be to look for the beautiful view Bot0x gives. There is no harm in repeating at regular intervals.

Consult your dermatologist for details.