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What is the Nose Filler?

The nose is one of the most aesthetic applications. It was possible to correct the curvature of nose lift the nose-end, straighten the nose surge, flatten nose, fill the noseof arched nose, and make sure that the side profile is not harmanious. Lip nose has also been adapted to the distance.

What is the effect of the process?

The effect of filling applications is immediately visible and up to 1 year showsthe effectiveness of the application in the area

Since the content of the filler we used is also stimulated bt natural healing on the area where hyaluronic acid is applied, it will look better than the starting point at the end of 1 year.

How often should they be repeated?

We recommend that our patients do the filling on the areas where they complain once a year on the nose area. In some of our patients it has been observed that the activity lasts for 2-3 years asymmetry, curvature, bone collapse in 15 min. Thanks to nasal filling!

Safe and unoperated.



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