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What is the freckle?

Freckle; dark and light brown 1-3 mm diameter skin patches, commonly seen in white populations, also known as eeloids, which have a generally open skin and a colored skin.


Why would freckles come from?

Freckles usually occur in childhood in genetically predisposed individuals. They tend to fade with age. More sunbathing without control in the summer causes the chicks to recur again.


WHY frecles so IMPORTANT

Light skin color, red hair, and chills are risk factors for skin cancers called melanoma. These patients closely follow.


How are freckles treats?

Curses alone are not the cause of illness and disease other than image (aesthetic) disturbance. When our clinic is disturbed by the appearance of the chillies, the interview with dermatologist is the best way to make the right decision about his treatment.



If we start from the most effective method;

– q switched laser treatment (the most successful treatment)

– chemical peeling

– criotherapy

– local peeling creams

– Ligthing creams



As it is a kind of stain treatment, it is very important that all of our patients take sun protection 3 times a day after the treatment. If the doctor recommends a stain-proof cream, they should use the mtlaka.

Uncontrolled light damage (sun, computer, mobile phone, etc.) must be protected.

As long as the rules are followed after treatment, we will not visit our patients frequently,



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