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What Is Somon DNA ?


Salmon is a polynucleotide derived from DNA. It can be applied in combination with pure and hyaluronic acid.

Why was the need for salmon DNA vaccination?

Do not add days to the methods we use to renew, revitalize, tighten and improve the quality of the quality of the skin over time. The lifetime of people’s lifespan and the increase in the visibility they give to their appearance add to the constantly renewing of the work on slowing and delaying the aging process. Salmon DNA is also one of the methods used for this purpose. Holding 10 thousand times the volume of water, it provides deep moisture balance, the skin is renewing itself. As the skin gets older, the blood circulation of the tissues and the oxygenation of the cells are decreasing. Therefore, it is also difficult to remove free radicals from the environment. With the influence of aging, DNA is also deteriorating. However, today’s people prefer to struggle instead of aging.

What does the salmon DNA vaccine do on the skin?

It is intended to provide cell renewal in the skin thanks to DNA molecules derived from salmon DNA salmon. There is hyaluronic acid over the salmon DNA, hyaluronic acid promotes collagen production, accelerating the skin regeneration process. When these two products are combined, an ideal anti-aging treatment is performed. Salmon DNA, one of the most effective anti-aging methods, treats worn and dry skin. Proof of the past years, the crowbar around the eye wrinkles, prevents the formation of lines of the cuffs, under and lip.

Which complaints are applied to the salmon DNA?

  • Matte appearance removal, animation,
  • reduction of fine wrinkles,
  • Removing the lines around the eye,
  • Skin tightening,
  • Lightening of the purple around the eyes,
  • Skin moisturizing,
  • Spot treatment,
  • Neck and decollete rejuvenation,
  • Hand rejuvenation,
  • In a fracture treatment.

Where can the salmon DNA be applied?

Skin can be applied to every region that needs nausea, but it is usually applied to forehead, face, eye circumference, neck, hand and decollet regions. Gives a glow to the eye area and eliminates wrinkles, effectively eliminating the effects of aging.

Can salmon DNA be combined with other processes?

Filler can be easily combined with B0t0x and device operations.

How is Salmon DNA Vaccine applied?

A local anesthetic effective cream is applied to the cleaned surface before applying the salmon DNA vaccine. After waiting approximately 20 minutes, the vaccine is given in the form of small injections in the middle of 1-2 cm. The process takes about 10-20 minutes.

Is it possible to return to social life immediately after the transaction?

The procedure is done very comfortably with very small, fine-tip special mesotherapy needles. May be 1-2 hours light pink. Afterwards it can be transformed into social life comfortably.

How is the number of sessions and their intervals?

An average of 4-6 sessions should be administered at intervals of 15 days.


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