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What is good skin ?

What is good skin?

The skin is ‘beautiful’, flexible, tight, moist, smooth and with less color changes.

How are our beautiful skin affected in cold weather?

Cold and dry air reduces the moisture level of the skin, drys it, cracks it.

What changes do you have on dry skin?

There is abundant scaling and itching in the dry skin, after which the eczema table comes to the water.

Who gets the most skin?

– People of age and above (due to hyaluronic acid and loss of ceramides),

– People who do not have enough fluid intake,

– People with chronic illnesses (kidney disorders and diabetes) tend to have extra dry skin.

What makes good skin moist?

-Medical moisturizers,

-Hyaluronic acid and ceramide support,

-Regular use of appropriate moisturizers,

-Full fluid consumption.

Will the skin that remains without moisture become old?

If the hydrating hyaluronic acid is reduced, the skin elasticity and volume are reduced, the result of the mimics is easily wrinkled.

So how can we protect the beauty of our skin in cold weather?

First, we must physically protect our skin from the effects of direct cold and dry air.

Support should be provided from care products in the ability to penetrate and moisten the skin.

– Dermatologic humidification treatments (humidity vaccine, hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA mesotheraphy, youth vaccination)

And other skin revitalizing treatments (gold needle, focussed ultrasound, peeling, q switched laser)

Sunscreen creams should be used which have a friendly content.

And of course we should eat balanced

How can we support beautiful skin inside?

Thanks to the ecological fillings to be made in accordance with the nature on the skin layer, the skin cells are repaired, the fine cavities are repaired and filled, so that a fresh, bright and beautiful skin is obtained.

How do we clean our beautiful skin in the winter?

We can get support from washing products that regulate and protect the moisture and oil balance of the skin, rather than drier substances such as soap.

Shall we make up our beautiful skin?

Of course it can be done. A pleasant natural look can be achieved with natural mineral make-up materials to give a light color to the shiny skin.


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