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Smoker lines

Over the past years, smoking, sun and non-humidity have caused the lines on the lips and upper lip to be scratched, smudged, sagged, and face sad face expressions.

With Which Applications Are Upper-Lip Lines and Sad Face Corrected?

  • B0t0x
  • Thin filling applications
  • Peelings
  • Skin renewal processes fractional radyofrequency, nd yag skin reneval, hight focused ultrasound, resurfacing with plasma technology systems)
  • Skin renewal creams
  • Protective from light
  • To quit smoking

These treatments are adjusted by the dermatologist to be most appropriate according to the patient’s need, age and skin color.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The process takes an average of half an hour.

How İs The Persistence?

Life is a process where renewal and ageing are together every day. Therefore it can solve the problem of applying a thin fill at least once a year. Or a 3-4 times renewable laser will make person better next year, but this laser treatment does not reset the need. Fill application is recommended.


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