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Skin Care

What Are The Steps Of Our Medical Skin Care?

** After your doctor’s examination  and control

  1. General cleaning of the skin
  2. Mechanical Peeling
  3. Oxidation with steam
  4. Cyst, komedon, black spot pore cleaning
  5. High frequency disinfection
  6. Removal of serum requirement with iontophoresis
  7. Appropriate mask on the skin
  8. Providing lymph drainage with massage and relieving skin
  9. Q Switched laser tightening of pores, yellowing of hair and skin lightening

When Is Appropriate  Moisturing Done?

  • Providing revival on Sensitive bindings at the request of tightening,
  • Need of moisturing on dry skins,
  • Acne complaints,
  • Cyst, komedon, black spot complaint.

How Much Does İt Take?

First Dermatologist examination is done for skin analysis. After care, relax with a massage and clean the pores with Q-Switch Laser, lighten the skin while the hair is yellowed. In total, medical skin care is an application that lasts 1 – 1,5 hours on average, Next Session Medical skin care is recommended once a month to protect against skin external factors and wear that will occur for many years.


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