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PB Serum

pb serum

PB Serum

PB serum is a product of Spanish origin. It is a product produced for aesthetic purposes in Proteos Biotech laboratories. It is also effective in the treatment of many diseases along with enzyme therapy. There are 3 enzymes in Pb serum, namely collagenase, lipase and hyaluronidase.

PB Serum Types

PB appears as serum 3 types. Let’s take a closer look at the PB serum types listed as low, medium and high.

Low PB Serum

The area where Low type PB serum is most used is under the eyes. It is a product used for the elimination of bags under the eyes, tightening of the excess skin under the eyes, and regeneration of the skin.

Low PB serum is preferred for under-eye rejuvenation, rejuvenation and tightening. Sometimes a single session is sufficient, but depending on the patient’s under-eye condition, 2 sessions may be needed. It is also an effective procedure in hand rejuvenation.

Medium PB Serum

It is used to destroy the fat tissues in the applied area. Medium PB serum is known as a fat-burning, disintegrating product. It is mostly used in the jowl (under the chin) region, on the inside of the legs, on the arms, on the kneecap, for melting fat, on the calves and the abdomen.

Medium Pb serum not only burns the fat in the area where it is applied, but also collects and tightens the sagging that may occur or exist. The duration of treatment varies from person to person and according to the area where it is done. If additional application is needed, it can be intervened with Pb serum treatment for several sessions.

High PB Serum

High PB serum contains collagenase enzyme. With High PB serum, postoperative scars, scars, burn scars, keloid, stretch marks, body sagging, deep wrinkles, cellulite and resistant fibrosis process can be treated.

Collagenase enzyme treats the areas where high Pb serum is applied. It heals the tissue by burning the enzyme in these regions and providing new enzyme support instead. It shows its effect in 1-4 saen according to the condition of the patient and the need of the repaired area.

PB Serum Side Effects

The application has no known side effects. Pb serum is not used in people under the age of 18. Unfortunately, you cannot use any type of Pb serum if you are not over 18 years old.

  • Slight redness of the skin on the day of application,
  • itchy skin,
  • mild edema,
  • Sensitivity in the applied area.

Things to consider after PB Serum application

  • No matter what type of PB serum you apply to your body, you should rest and drink water on the day of the treatment.
  • We recommend that you refrain from swimming in the Turkish bath, sauna, swimming and doing sports on the day of application of the Pb serum.
  • These suggestions are only valid on the day of the transaction and you can act as you wish on other days.
  • Drink a lot of water for 2 days.

Difference of PB Serum from Other Applications

The difference of PB serum from other applications is that it has a longer lifespan. Since PB serum has a therapeutic quality, it repairs the broken mechanism in the body and enables it to reactivate.

Other similar products are used to temporarily heal the damaged area. Compared to other products, PB serum contains enzymes with three different properties and has a more positive effect.

Since it has different types, it can be used in different parts of the body and problems. It can be safely applied again when it loses its effect after the treatment is finished.

How to apply PB SERUM?

  • First of all, we take the before photos .
  • The skin is numbed with cream.
  • The skin is then disinfected.
  • The injection, which comes in a special form, is applied by marking or dividing the areas to be made.
  • The procedure takes 15-20 minutes.
  • It is not an application that affects daily life.

What is the PB Serum Price?

It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. For this reason, you can get information about the prices of “PB Serum” by calling our clinic on 0(212) 225 08 00.


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