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Paris Shimmer

Skin rejuvenation sits almost ind today’s needs.

59 rejuvenating ingredients specially designed for face,neck,decollete, under eye provide an average of 5 sessions of vitality tighting and reduction in lines.

Everybody deserve tight,elastic,gleaming skin.

It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, anti aging, enzymes, nucleic acid minerals and antioxidants present.

What are the benefits to the skin ?

  • Hyalurnoic acid: renew and hydrates the skin .
  • Vitamines (12 pieces ) : stimulates collagen
  • Amino acids: helps to produce protein,elastin and collagen.
  • Co-enzymes and nucleic acid: stimulates metabolic reactions.
  • Minerals (6 pieces) : balances cell metabolism.
  • Glutathione, glucosamine, gluconic acid; reduces cell damage.

How the treatment protocol is progressing;

Starting Treatment:  We can start with 1 session .

Repair Phase: After 3 sessions ,the repair process is completed.

After the repair session we will apply 1 more session and prolong the life of the treatment.One of the most important advantages of this treatment is that the area around eyes and neck is most prone to bleeding and bruising .For that area we use very special head called nanosoft thah completes the treatment without bleeding and bruising.

Paris Shimmer;

– with every aesthetic procedure.

– used for the treatment of all skin

– Every Season

– Every Age

– Can be used in combination with any device.

What to expect after the treatment ?

This application is  very comfortable . It can be rarely little redness,but it goes in 2 -3 hours.After 2 days you can see the effect about this application, earliest showing effect is vitality of the skin, after that pores tighten and of course skin moisturizing.


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