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Nevus Removing

Nevis are occurrences of skin anywhere in the body, in various shades of brown, at the level of the skin, or of a puffy, rounded, oval or irregular shape.

Nevus examination is done by dermatologists with devices called normal dermatological examination and dermoscopy. The mothers who are diagnosed as “removable nevus” can be taken by dermatologists.

Which way do we take nevus?

  •  Cryotherapy  (freezing )
  •  PLEXR (Plasma energy)
  •  Cautery
  •  Surgical Remove

Which treatment method is right for me?

Of course there are several factors in determining the treatment method. These include the nevus structure of our patient, the type of skin, the place of the nevus in the body. Your dermatologist decides to take me in the most healthy and comfortable way.

How is the healing process?

The process of healing depends on the shape of the procedure, again depending on the body structure of the patient and the location of the nevus. There may be different healing times in more dynamic areas. The social life after the transaction is easily maintained.
You should follow your nevus first then do with your dermatologist.


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