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Neck And Decology Generatıon

The neck and decolletic region, which is actually in the foreground and partly in the background during the rejuvenation process; Exposed to the aging effects of sun and environmental conditions for at least as much as our face. It is an important region that is aged the most after the eye, and it also reveals our age. Even if the antiaging process, which is often done in the face, does not contain the neck, the image is becoming more self-evident.

What do we help our patients in need with?

  • Pinned Raydofrekans
  • Mesotherapy
  • Neck Filling
  • DOUBLO (HIFU,  Focused Ultrasound)

In summary, if we look at the person as a whole and want to see it good, the neck area that completes the face is very important. Neck rejuvenation also provides a complete state of well being. Your neck can not hand over your age.


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