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Nazolabial Filling


The line that descends from the outer edge of the nose wings to the mouth corners is called the nasolabial line.


– In babies and children: Normally it is absent, it becomes evident by mimic.

– In adults: With age, it becomes clear with mimic, it becomes clear with mimic.

What causes the nasolabial groove?

1) Age,

2) The effect of gravity,

3) Due to loosening of the collagen forming the skin, the cheek falls and the nasolabial groove deepens.

Why we treat the nasolabial line?

With the treatment of this region, the sad, tired image is gone. The younger, the livelier, the more unhappy a face emerges.

What are the methods used in the treatment of nasolabial groove?

– Filling applications

– Device applications

– Rope applications

Fill applications are divided into 2;

1) No sagging on the cheek If there is a thin line appearance in the nasolabial area, it can be applied in the form of sessions with only fine filling.

2) If the groove is deepened with sagging in the cheek, cheek lifting is performed first and then the nasolabial region is supported with filling.

3) If both the sagging on the cheek and the release of the region between the upper lip and the nose is necessary, fill both areas and the nasolabial space.

Devices applications

With facial ultrasound and gold needle, facial collagen is revitalized and lifting effect is provided on the cheek. Nasolabial line appearance is reduced.


Rope applications

One cheek is pulled up and the nasolabial mass and load are reduced. In addition, the appearance of the line is reduced by the special textured rope put into the nasolabial region itself.

Is the improvement effect of the process seen immediately?

In filling applications, the nasolabial region relaxes with immediate lifting effect on the cheek.

Devices and ropes show an average effect of 40%, while the rest of the effect is increasing every month.

What is the average lifetime of transactions?

The life expectancy of the applications is 9 to 12 months, with changes depending on the patient, the weight gain, and the lifestyle.

Can I return to the old age after the effects of the transactions?

Since the fields created have a repair effect on the application area, the image never returns.


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