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Male Esthetics

Having a young and aesthetic face is now the desire of men as well as women.

Looking young, dynamic, well-behaved does not only contribute to private life, but also contributes to success in business life. The confidence of the person is growing even more.


What is done in men in facial care and aesthetics?

 Skin Care: Men mostly have oily skin. These skin types are cleaned with medicated skin care on average once a month, followed by carbon peeling oil balancing and pore compacting. Male patients with dry skin are provided with appropriate respiratory care and moist immunization.

In which regions is hair removal  applied in male patients?

Areas where we use laser hair removal most frequently in our male patients; we use it for hair in sunken hair, underarm hair, between eyebrows, on the side of shirt, and for hair under armpit, chest and back. Another very important field is for aesthetic purposes, treating a wide range of diseases; it is also very effective in preventing the recurrence of the post-surgical disease in the treatment of hair rotations in the tail spine area.


Do men get b0t0x?

Our male patients, of course, also help with b0t0x touches as well as in need. Most of our male patients have b0t0x applications;

– The eyebrow line that emerges when we are angry,

– When we lift the eyebrows up,

– When we laughed around the eyes, wrinkles,

In the treatment of hypersensitivity to the lower back,

– In the complaint of hand foot sweating,

– We use it in the treatment of migraine patients.

When and where is the application of the filling to men?

 The application of the male patient filler is a matter that requires great precision. Practice is also to do face shaping in male patient, without adding a feminine expression. For this purpose;

-To shape the crime bones,

In deep groove treatment called nasolabial groove, descending from outer nose to mouth corner,

-In order to create a plaza line,

-To grow chicks and reduce food,

-Touching  the spaces of central face,

– In the treatment of under-eye purpura,

– To the foreheads,

– Treat the appearance of under-eye bags,

– Used to correct nasal deformities.


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