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Male Chain Esthetic

Studies have shown that owning a bony facial structure makes men more attractive, whereas women have the contrary soft lines.

The fact that the jaw, which forms a very important part of the lower face, is distinct and lively in men is a desirable condition. Especially if the front jaw is small, it brings with it the problem of food, and this problem becomes more prominent especially in profile evaluations. When we push our slight jaw forward, we can notice how the amount of a candelabrum that moves forward is decreasing. The sharpness of both the front jaw and the rear canal reduces the roundness of the face, creating a more masked image. It is very important in the jaw aesthetics in the volume of the muscles that we eliminate when we make chewing movements and tighten our teeth. In men, this muscle is more prominent under the influence of testosterone, which contributes to having a lined face structure. Especially in the female patient, obviousness is undesirable, otherwise it may be necessary to weaken the masseter muscle in this region because it is very developed and gives a masculine appearance.

How is the chin shaping in men?

Filling application: application of the most applied application for jaw enlargement, particularly in front jaw size. The most used material in filling applications is hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient of our skin, and calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a strong collagen stimulator. We especially make use of calcium hydroxyapatite, especially in the formation of the line jaw.

When does the transaction take effect?

Fill application is done, the effect becomes clear. Our patient will immediately recover his new jaw.

The back jaw area can also be filled with reinforcing filler for shaping along the jaw line, giving a more distinctive appearance.

Jaw shaping with rope applications

Particularly in the gastrointestinal tract, in the case of significant cases, the rope area can be recovered and the jaw can be removed from the foreground.

Doublo (Focused Ultrasound) application

By means of the ultrasonic ultrasonic face, general face lifting is provided and the food is reduced while at the same time the chin line emerges.

As a result, as in every procedure, our male patient is the most important element in chin filling,

without compromising the naturalness and health of the general facial line of the application is to make an appropriate application.


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