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Innea Aqua

İnnea Aqua

What is Innea Aqua?

Innea Aqua; It is a miraculous product with Class III certificate and CE approved, with a very high healing and regenerative effect on the skin. Innea aqua has been a highly preferred product recently, which we have heard frequently. The biggest reason for this is that the patient feels the effect immediately after the procedure and gets quick results in a short time.

What Does Innea Aqua Do?

Containing hyaluronic acid and Trehalose, innea aqua creates a lifting effect on the skin and provides skin repair and regeneration. Thanks to the Trehalose moisture retention feature in the product, it moisturizes the patient’s skin. In this way, the skin always remains alive.

Trehalose, a special ingredient also found in desert plants, provides skin restructuring by energizing the cells. Percent water retention is also a very important detail. It is a reliable application preferred by people who do not want to have a filler on their skin and want to have a natural appearance. Thanks to this application, the person can renew and repair his skin without getting an artificial appearance.

  • In the improvement and repair of wrinkles,
  • In skin tightening,
  • In skin regeneration,
  • In the revitalization and glow of the skin,
  • In skin moisturizing,
  • Collagen synthesis of the skin is very effective in production.

How is Innea Aqua Applied?

  • The application comes in a specially prepared form in a 2cc injector.
  • Photographs of the patient are taken beforehand.
  • The skin is cleaned and the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthetic cream.
  • It is even processed after resting for 15 minutes.
  • The skin is disinfected.

12 percent point is determined. 6 points on the right face and 6 points on the left face, the application is started at the determined dose with a specially prepared injector.

It can be shown to the patient by giving a mirror after half of the face is finished. During the procedure, the effect begins to be taken quickly.

The patient will definitely see the difference between the right face and the left face.

In Which Areas Is Innea Aqua Applied?

  • It is applied in the form of 6 + 6 points on the face area.
  • Papules are applied to the neck area.
  • Papules are studied in the décolleté area, as in the neck area.
  • It can be easily applied on the hand.

How Long Is Innea Aqua Permanence?

Innea Aqua application is applied in 2 sessions with 2 week intervals. In some exceptional cases, your doctor may change the treatment protocol.

In order to see a clear result and make it permanent, we definitely recommend that you have 2 sessions of application.

It can be done once a year in order to improve and protect the current situation. It has a natural lifting feature due to the fact that it is a cross-linked product.

When Does Innea Aqua Take Effect?

The application begins to take effect during the process. After the second session, which will be applied after an average of 2 weeks, the effect increases and continues for up to 1 year.

How Many Sessions Is Innea Aqua Applied? Is there any side effect?

The procedure has no side effects.

The application is made twice a year. There is no harm in doing more.

Is There an Ideal Time to Have Innea Aqua?

It can be done safely at any time.

Innea Aqua Prices 2024

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