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Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics


With modern life, our hands began to become more visible and active. Does someone who keeps your hands behind your back, keeps you in your pocket, or does anyone use your hands with great confidence and even benefit from the hands? It is now time to realize the importance of the hands. The beauty of an area that is not only visual but functional is of course also important.

We are our other important organs that hand in our lives to our present age. As the years progress, the skin becomes thinner, the subcutaneous tissues and oils are reduced, and the staining becomes finally permanent. Moreover, cold and dry in winter, our wrinkles start to sink more and more.

All diseases with the indication of aging can be performed on the hand rejuvenation procedures.

Changes in the hand with age are:

• Loss of subcutaneous tissue: Depending on the loss of fat tissue under the skin, the skin on the back of the hand becomes plentiful and wrinkles, and veins and bones become apparent.

• Thinning and wear on the skin: The skin becomes dry, wrinkled and faded, becoming easily tearable like parchment paper.

• Blemishes on the skin: There are brown, red stains on the back of the hand, also called aging stains. They are caused by sun damage, and some of them are at risk of turning into skin cancer.

What can be done?

Hand rejuvenation procedures can be grouped into three parts: replacing the fat tissue lost under the skin, increasing skin quality and removing stains from the skin.

• Filling applications: Filling application, which is an easier process than oil injection, may be preferred. Hyaluronic acid applications are made in the office environment and last for a year.

• Skin moisturizing: Over time, pure hyaluronic acid injections are made to examine and strengthen the dry skin. Repeating these applications once a year for four times a week is crucial to protect the youth of the hands.

• Laser applications: Good results can be obtained with Q switched laser applications on hand stains.

• Chemical peeling: Removal of fine wrinkles with stains by peeling with hand rub peels.

Hand rejuvenation package;

Hand rejuvenation pack has two hand filling applications, Q-switched laser and hand back stains reduction, P..R..P.. application twice a month and four times pure hyaluronic acid application every two weeks. It is recommended to apply once a year or two every year.

Filler applications are made to replace the missing volume underneath the skin and get the old fuller and youthful look. To relieve the dryness, moisturizing effects such as fillings, mesotherapies, P,,R,,P,,s and peels are made. Very good results are obtained with peeling and laser applications for hand stains.

Is the procedure painful? How much will it take?

The procedure takes place in clinical conditions and with local anesthetics, taking up to 30 minutes.

What happens after the transaction?

The patient may come into contact with water the next day. There may be mild edema and bruising after filling, P..R,,P and hyaluronic acid administration, but the daily activity of the patient is not affected. There may be some redness and sometimes scaling after laser and peeling. Patients should use plenty of moisturizing cream and sunscreen after the procedure.

Hand rejuvenation is now done by expert dermatologists with the latest technological knowledge and technical equipment. It is more reliable and is often preferred with new term technology.


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