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Hair Removal

Doctor-controlled hair removal;  is the safest and most comfortable way of getting rid of unwanted hair. The laser light is absorbed by the color cells in the hair, and the laser light that turns into heat energy destroys the hair root. Thanks to the new technology, there is much less damage at the bottom and more comfort with the cooling devices.

Who İs Laser Epilation Done With? 

  • Any women and men over 18 years of age are made to each individual.
  • If the over-12-year-old feather is at a level to disrupt the psychological state, laser epilation can be done with the parents permission while the doctor investigating the cause.
  • İn sunken feather treatment.
  • For the purpose of treatment after hair transplantation operation
  • Patients using drugs with feather side effects such as organ transplant patients.

Hair Removal For Men

In addition to health problems such as sunkenness, pruritus, sweating, visualization, the use of active sports fields, leads to the need for laser epilation in our male patients. The regions where laser hair removal is performed the most in male patients;

– Sword, Thigh, Neck, Neck, Beard, Under Arm, Arm, Above, Sunken hairs (neck, tail), Ear

Any male patient who suits skin type and hair color can do laser hair removal. Application is made between 4-8 sessions on average Sessions are administered once a week. With the dual cooling system offered by the new generation devices, laser epilation therapy is quite comfortable.

How Much Should Laser Session Ranges and Session Counts Be?

The session intervals can be adjusted to 1 month on face, 6-8 weeks on the skin depending on the region. The number of sessions starts with a minimum of 4-8 sessions, depending on the patient and region.

What To Consider After Laser Epilation?

  • Creams given after application should be applied.
  • Water should not be applied to the treated area for 12 hours.
  • The sunshine and solarium should be kept away for 3 weeks.
  • At least 30 factors sun protection should be applied 3 times a day

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