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Golden Needle

What İs Radiofrequency With Needle?

Rf provide heating  deep skin  lead to  thightining, rejuvenating in a controlled manner.

In Whıch Sıtuatıons Does It Apply?

  • Acne scar and spots
  • Pore thightining,
  • Thin lines
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Under eye bag
  • Sagging of eyelid
  • Neck lines and saggings
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Crack treatment ( abdomen,arm,arm,hip and breast)
  • Wound, burn, chickenpox scars

How Many Does İt Takes Sessions?

It takes 1 or 6 sessions, it changes duo to patient.

When Time Results Occur?

About two weeks after the results starts to occure  and gets better day by day,

Is it Possible To Return To Social Life İmmediately?

The patient can easily  return to social life after one day  of application. Swelling  and  pinging  can take 24 hours. The patient can make-up..


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