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Eyelid Rejuvanation

Eyes are important,eyelid are other elements that complement this importance. The first element that completes the communication is the eyes ; to see ,see and feel to interpret.

Routine follow up and treatment of our eyes is of course very important. So is it important how we look ?

Ensuring the viality of the gaze in the eyes is not limited to the application of under eye filler.

Supporting structures around the eye increases this apperarance. Supporting the cheek and mid-face area becomes a very effective application. The cavity of the temples can also cause a tired, sad look,causing a low eyebrow and eyelid.

Temple filling, takes eyebrow and eyelid up ,so that provides brighter appearance.

We use some medical applications to improve the quality of the skin around the yes and under the eyes. That’s ;

  • Peeling,
  • Laser Treatments,
  • Golden Needle,
  • Plexr,
  • Mesotherapy,
  • HIFU ( for eyelid lifting)

With these applications ,rejuvenation around the eyes can be achieved in appropriate patients without operation.

The youth and beauty of the eye is very important. Individualized multiple treatment options are tired to achieve the most healthy results.


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