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Eyebrow Lift With Filler

The position of our eyebrows is very important in making our gaze more alive and lively.

Why happend low eyebrow ?

  • Genetic Factor
  • Getiing excessive weight
  • Stress
  • Irregular nutriton

What methods are used to lift eyebrows ?

  • Eyebrow lift with filler
  • B0t0x
  • HIFU
  • Golden Needle
  • Tread

Especially the temporal area begins to depression with genetics and time. Filling on the eyebrows and temporals becomes very natural and the eyebrow gets up by 1/3.

Our patient instantly gets younger and more vigorous expression. This application that can be made very comfortablle daily .After application you can easily return to daily life. Applied one a year and every year the need reduced. Other benefit of temporal filling,it also help our face lift not just eyebrows.


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