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Early Diets For B0t0x

B0t0x content is not a poison, but a sterile, harmless protein obtained in the laboratory environment. And when injected into moving muscles,  b0tox is temporarily restricted. For example, you do not scratch your eyebrows as much as your old one, and when you lift your eyebrows, those stripes do not form. You get rid of the harsh outlook and delay aging. It does not wrinkle, and you relax the muscles as well.

During this time, the beauty of the skin is obviously a refreshing beauty that can not be understood.  İf you want, you can lift up your eyebrows even the surplus in your eyelid does not come to the attention at all. You should goodbye to your goose feet.  İt’s temporary. About 4-6 months…

What b0t0x buyers hear most often is : “There is beauty in your face “.  İt can be noticed but the reason can not be fully awared.  Because if the b0t0x is done by an experienced, trusted dermatologist, your natural look never breaks down.

In summary, B0t0x can be applied to the head region for migraine treatment, to the palm under the armpit to prevent sweating, to the jaws and some likely areas for  tooth extraction and the like, already used for many years. For facial mimic lines, the forehead lines, between eyebrows and the goose feet are aimed. The lines in this area are broken together because they are with the mimic, it is most logical to start practicing without permanent lines, it is most efficient.  You will get older  later, you will look younger and rested.  Once these lines are in place, support can be obtained from other applications.


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