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Chin Filler

One of the most effective filling applications that outlines the facial features and completes. A younger and more dynamic image is obtained and the most suitable lines obtained. The most natural results are obtained with FDA-approved filler material containing hyaluronic acid.

In which situations is chin filler done?

  • Pulling the chin backwards
  • Enlarging for strengthen the chin
  • Removing the age-related sagging and gap complaint
  • Remowing the chin of the jaw
  • Having a larger, obal, angular chin

How often should they be repeated?

The chin filling should be done once in a year, depending on the need. Thanks to the healing, repearing effect of hyaluronic acid, you will look better than the starting point even though the activity period of the filler is finished.

What are the advantages?

Your lips look better thanks to the chin filler. You get best rate with your cheeks and other lines of your face. So you can catch natural harmony.


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