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Cheek Filler

Our cheeks are the most important structures that give a twisted V shape on both cheekbones. The cheek fill is the filling, lifting and refreshing process we have done with some fillers (hyaluronic acid and mineral filler) to shape these regions correctly.

Who should the cheek fill be?

The cases where the cheek fill is most applied are;
– frequent weight loss or after a heavy stress cheek and middle percent ejaculation, collapse,
-The presence of V shape effect on the surface of the 30’s ages,
– The loss of volume on the face of any chronic illness sufferer,
-If you need lift (lift up) in the face,

In situations such as removing the under-eye pit and purple, our patients can help with the cheek filling.

What is the cheek filling done with?

The cheek fill is made up of hyaluronic acid, which is the main structure of human skin, and fillers with calcium hydroxyapatite in mineral filler.

How long does the cheek fill process last?

After the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthetic cream, application is completed within approximately 15 minutes.

Can I have big cheeks with cheek filling?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our patients who applied to our clinic; “Is there an extreme image after filling?” This concern is extremely important.

What should be considered after cheek filling?

After the cheek filling process is finished, it is disinfected again and the antibiotic cream is applied from our side.
– Do not expose the treatment area to water for 12 hours.
This zone should not be pressed or massaged for 1 week – 10 days, and should be avoided from excessive sports.

– the patient should come to the doctor when he / she finds it appropriate.
-If there are symptoms such as pain, redness or paleness in the application area after the application of the substance, the doctor should be informed.

When does the cheek fill affect?

Fill applications are applied immediately as soon as they are applied, and filler and lifter (lift) effect, repairer effect shows day by day.


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