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Carbon Peeling

What is the carbon peeling?

Q switched laser, based on the principle that the carbon is popping on the skin.

In which situations does it apply?

-Pore firming

-Acne treatment

-Rosasea disease

-Spot repearing

-Hair yellowing

Can carbon peeling be applied on summer?

Carbon peeling is very comfortable application. It can be applied any season because you can’t actually peel after the application. You can go back your social life after the application.

How does carbon peeling benefit?

There is also a decrease in fatigue due to heat-shrinkage during the process, tightness of the collagen, reduction in the acoustical effect pores resulting from the carbon popping and reflex shrinkage in the sebacceous glands. Another nice effect of the Q Switched laser is to reduce stains and equalize the skin tone, bringing the skin a healtier look.

How does treatment plan?

It is recommended to have an average of 6-8 sessions in total every 15 days or a month. Our dermatologist plans the treatment for problem of every patient’s skin.


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