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Biological Lifting Vaccine

biological lifting vaccine

What is Biological Lifting Vaccine?

We would like to talk to you about the biological lifting vaccine a skin rejuvenation application that you have heard a lot lately and whose effect is felt immediately at the end of the procedure.

This state-of-the-art product is known as Innea Agua.

The biological lifting vaccine, which contains free and crossed hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA components, is preferred in the solution of many skin problems related to aging.

It is one of the most used methods by our patients, who do not prefer other treatment methods for the renewal and improvement of their skin, to provide moisture, elasticity and lifting to their skin naturally.

What areas is the Biological Lifting Vaccine applied for?

  • For sagging skin
  • Wrinkled face, neck and décolleté areas that have lost their elasticity
  • to mimic lines
  • To the lip lines
  • To pull the face up
  • To relieve skin dryness
  • Biological lifting Vaccine is also applied for lines and wrinkles on the hand.

The effect of the application varies according to the skin structure and needs of the person, and it is generally aimed to provide lifting in the relevant areas in 1 session.

What type of skin is Biological Lifting applied to?

Biological Lifting Vaccine can be applied in many skin types and areas where wrinkles and fine line formation are seen, especially the skin that has lost its moisture and elasticity due to aging.

The application used for lifting, which is preferred for the renewal, recovery and repair of the skin that has lost its freshness, vitality and brightness, supports the increase in moisture in the skin and makes a bright appearance possible.

It provides recovery and revitalization of sagging skin due to many reasons such as genetics, age and environmental factors.

How is the Biological Lifting Vaccine made?

Before the procedure, the skin is anesthetized with cream. After that, biological lifting vaccine is applied to 6 points determined on the skin. Four of the areas to be applied on the face were determined as the cheek and two as the chin area.

During the procedure, mild blisters and redness may occur on the skin. However, it passes by itself in a short time. It is not a process that affects social life.

What is 6 point lifting?

Biological lifting is an application also known as 6-point lifting. It is applied to the areas that support the collagen on the skin. Collagen production is triggered by the fibroblasts in its content and creates a lifting effect in the area to be applied. Since the application is done on 6 points, it is defined as “6 point lifting”. Some areas other than the face can also be treated with mesotherapy application method.

How often is Biological Lifting an application?

In general, it is determined as a 2-session procedure according to the skin condition of the patient. Sessions are planned with 1 month intervals. At the end of the 1-month period, the effect of the application on the applied area is noticed. It is recommended to do it twice a year. The new application is planned according to the skin condition of the person.

In which areas can Biological Lifting be performed?

The application is usually made to 6 different points on the face. Application areas are determined as face, neck, décolleté and upper hand.

Is Biological Lifting Vaccine used instead of filler application? Does it give volume to the face?

Biological Lifting Vaccine provides skin renewal and refreshment. It has been a procedure preferred by many people who do not want to have filler application. It provides improvement according to the needs of the skin without adding volume to the face.

Biological Lifting application is not an application containing filler. Therefore, it is not used as a filler. However, it can be combined with other skin applications.

What is the Biological Lifting Vaccine Price?

It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. For this reason, you can get information about the prices of “Biological Lifting Vaccine” by calling our clinic on 0(212) 225 08 00.


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