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Type Of Lip Filler: Which Beautiful Lip is Yours ?

Well, how we decide which lip type do we for you?

Lip is accessuar of face, think like its  apicture on the wall. When the patient wants lip filler, first ı look away. I control your face, nose, cheen and your eyes which type lip is better for you. Thus we are getting settled into the corect fields and created a good accessories.

Sometimes, proportinal,beau tiful and we want to do the direction we are doing first correction of the distance between the chin nose and lips takes precendence

when you see beatiful face and lip, please look over full face than you will understand easily what ı mean .After these general approach  I would like  to explain to you about the type of lips.

1-BELLA LİPS: Especially , we do it for prominent lip in patient who have prominent eros bow. This special technique which we use for dental floss fixed. First of all we fix dental floss between two teeth. thus dental floss pass into middle of lower lip. So we gain cleft, plump, attractive lip. we call this lips ” BELLA LİPS”

2-VENÜSLİPS: The lip filler type that we usually apply to patients  with asymmetry problems . we improve the asymetry as a result we obtain number one lip.

3-MATÜRE AND PLUMPER LİP: A s you know in patient over 45 years old, the face begins to sag, the lips getting thinner and it begins dissapear. we need to repair around the lip and tissue. if we do more sessions it will be comfortable about side effect. Example like bruise and swalling.

4-MALE LİPS: Structually the lips are very thin and  with age lips getting thinner and  shrivel up. That makes the patient discommade. these type of lips we do lip filler.

5-LİP TREATMENT: After some disease (scleroderma) lips getting thinner and drynes. Also for the dryness. Also for the dryness look and stretching complaint we use hyaluronic acid for repair and fill the area

6-DRY /DRYNESS LİP:  Some of our patient in the transition seasons, especially during the winter  mounths lip has drynessproblem. we do on this patient periodic moisturizing fillers. After this practice  lips are more moisturised and feel better.


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