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Spring Recommendations

The spring we waited enthusiastically came at the end. What should we pay attention to during this period?

At first we suggest you protect your skin from the spring sun. You have to apply  your sun protection protector 3 times a day. It is imperative to refresh the cream before you leave the house in the morning, at noon, and finally after lunch. We should pay attention to the nutrition, sleeping pattern.

At such times, what can I do to take action? You can take precautionary measures such as mesotherapy, revitalizing, moisturizing and strengthening effect against the solar effect which will be exposed to your skin. İt can also be cleaned with skin care.  The laser treatments that can be done in all seasons compress the pores and the color differences in our skin are minimized. So you will not be surprised when you observe that your stains have not increased at the end of the summer

*** Consume plenty of water for a healthy skin, protect from sunlight, take care of your skin, moisten it, and enjoy the spring … Love.***


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