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Rosacea Disease (Rose Disease, Erythro Face) What ?

Rosacea disease; Also known as rose disease, is a disease that feels redness, vascularity, acne and blooms.

What causes rosacea?

On skin prone to redness for various reasons; The parasite that grows with us is the resultant disease.


• Burning, redness,
• Veins and acne can be seen
• In addition to this, it makes it easier to diagnose the rash on the skin, especially the rubbing and the raised lesions on the skin.

Who is seen?

• It is mostly seen in middle and advanced age and more women.
• In cases of stomach problems,
• Family history
• For those who consume a lot of pain, spices and pickles
• If you consume very hot food

Where can I see it outside the face?

• Lash eyelid
• On the chest and back
• Anal can also be seen in the region and in the legs.

What should Rozasea (Rose) patient pay attention to?

• Light (sun, lighting lamps, computer and daylight) must be protected
• Do not consume pain, spices, pickles and alcohol
• Protected from extreme cold and hot air
• Stay away from hot drinks
• Stay away from the stress if possible


After you have examined your dermatologist, the following treatments may be recommended depending on your situation
• Protective cream
• Therapeutic creams
• Oral medication
• Laser therapy
• Carbon peeling
• Rosacea treatment with Jetlight


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