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Hair Losing

  • General hair loss (Diffuse alopecia)
  • Hair Breaker (Alopeni areata)
  • Spillage with scarring (cicatricial alopecia)
  • Female type shedding (Androgenic alopecia)
  • Male type shedding / Androgenic alopecia)


Spillage Of Hair All Over

  • Anemia
  • Some vitamin mineral deficiencies (Biotin, Vitamin D, Zinc)
  • Thyroid hormone problems
  • Drug intake (hormone, vitamin A, cortisone, chemotherapy)
  • Chronic diseases (kidney, liver disorders)
  • Stress

Causes of Hair Breaker

  • Stress
  • Tyhroid Diseases
  • Rheumatic diseases called collagen tissue diseases
  • Can accompany to Diabete

Causes of Spillage by Scarring

  • After some fungal and bacterial diseases on the scalp
  • Rheumatic diseases called collagen tissue diseases
  • Lichen
  • After burn

Female Type Shedding

It is a form of shedding that occurs when it starts from the forehead and open the hill regions. More menopause women, In women who are young and whose androgen is increasing

Male Type Shedding

  • The current male hormone has a weakening effect on hair follicles. This is the basic mechanism.
  • It usually manifests itself as opening in the forehead, it can move back and keep the top.


  • For general shedding, more reasonable treatment is applied. In other words, deficiencies in blood values ​​are treated and missing vitamin values ​​are supported.
  • Mesotherapy treatment (giving vitamins and minerals to the hair root by injection).
  • P..R..P (giving the growth factors in the patient’s own blood to the hair root).
  • Local applied lotions  (minoxidil)
  • Hormonal treatments

Dear patients; Do not be afraid of hair loss with your comfortable treatment options.


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