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Gold Face Skin Care Treatment

The more important the golden ratio is in our facial beauty, the more important is the golden ratio of our skin. The golden ratio of our skin; flexible, tight, even color tone, with a clean and moist skin.

It is very important to ensure that our skin, especially our health, is beautiful. Because we are in touch with the outside world. If a patient with very nice cheeks and lips is skin elastic, firm, clean, moist and even color tone, integrity is achieved.

What are the steps of Gold Face Skin Care?

Cleaning and purification: First of all, according to the skin type; deeply cleansed from dead tissues, comedons, disinfected, thoroughly cleansed.

Skin stimulation: After the skin cleansing, thousands of microchannels are opening on the skin with gold-tipped props, the most critical stage of Gold Face maintenance for line collagen stimulation.

At this stage, each fiber of our collagen is tightened and receives the energy needed to regenerate.

Skin feeding: It is very important to nourish the skin that was previously stimulated and opened with ducts. The vitamins, anti-aging serums and minerals given through these channels are easily transported to the deeply targeted layers.

Relaxation: After a relaxing facial massage and mask, our patient is ready to meet with his newly refreshed skin.

Which skin types do Gold Face skin care take?

Gold Face is a care that can be easily done to every skin type from the twenty-eight years after the dermatological examination to be done, providing comfortable and high benefit.

When will the Gold Face skin effect appear?

Immediately after the procedure, the person feels refreshed in the skin, the effect becomes stronger day by day and as the sessions are repeated, the skin is renewed and the pores are tightened.

How is the Gold Face session interval, how long?

We average 4-6 sessions a month.

Is it possible to immediately return to social life after the procedure?

Within 1 hour of the transaction, the person can easily return to his social life


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