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Ending Permanent Filling Trend

As it is in the past, the fıllıngs has a  miraculous, ımmedıate change of personalıty   and beautıfıcatıon  nowadays .  In addition to these properties, filling materials now have a very safe, easy-to-use, easily recognizable properties by the developing technologies.  The most commonly used filler material is “hyaluronic acid”, which is also present in our skin.

Why İs The  Hyaluronic Acid Preferred?

In the past, when permanent fıllıng  was used more often; If we had an undesirable result, and if we wanted to get rid of the fill, we had to take it out by operation. It’s a lot more laborious and risky.

If you think you are making a filling to meet your dreamy lıps. When you look at it with excitement, you see a much bigger lıp than you expect.  Of course, before you wish to be saved you have to afford  the surgery. Fortunately  today’s fillings contain Hyaluronic acid content, and almost all are temporary. Moreover, there are melters in unwanted situations.

Even the Hyaluronic acid applied area alerts the natural healing. For instance, in case of complaints under the eyes, proper filling application is needed and immediate complaint is removed. In addition, under the influence of Hyaluronic acid, the area also starts a natural repair and healing. In summary, even if the filling effect is passed, the under-eye looks better than the old one.

Hyaluronic acid brings vitality and healing at the time of filling.


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