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Black Point

A black spot, a very common skin problem, can lead to different skin problems and cause irritating appearance when not under control.

What is Black Spot and How does it occur?

The black spot is a skin problem that comes from the excess oil secreted in the deep lower layer, the dead skin on the skin surface, and the eventual merging of dirt.

The black spot, also known as the open comedon, occurs when the amount of fat on the skin surface increases as the amount of oil increases, resulting in clogging of the open pores and becomes evident over time.

Generally, the black spots in the nose, chin, forehead and cheek areas may become increasingly prevalent in the areas where they are not cleared at certain time intervals.

Why Does Black Spot Occur?

The increase in the amount and width of sebaceous glands, especially in the lower layer of the skin during adolescence, results in a black spot where more fat is normally secreted in the resultant cillette. If it is not as clean as skin, the black spot can become widespread and even cause cystic acne. You should also pay attention to your eating habits besides your cleaning habits; Because poor nutritional habits and stress can also increase the black spot.

In addition to natural factors, hormone changes, nutritional habits, and the age at which the skin does not have the necessary cleansing properties or prefer products that are incompatible with the skin, it can cause many skin problems, especially blackheads and acne throughout your life.

How to Clean the Black Spot

Black dots that both visually dislike and bring with it a variety of skin problems can lead to irreversible deformations in the skin by trying to clean it by squeezing it in non-sterile conditions at home. If the skin needs to be cleaned, it must be done by a specialist in the clinical setting.

How is black spot formation prevented?

Of course you do not want the dermatologist’s treatment and the blackheads you get rid of with the medical skin care you have taken. For this reason, check with your dermatologist to make sure your blackheads do not build up again and that you have regular skin care.

Even if you do not have makeup on your face, you should not sleep without clearing your face.

In addition; You can help prevent blackhead formation by thoroughly cleaning the pores and using skin care products that are compatible with your skin’s makeup. In the meantime, in order not to be exposed to harmful rays of the sun, you will support the fight with black spots to protect your skin including non-comedogenic sun protectors which cause no black spots and winter months.


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