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Acne; Is the inflammatory disease of the pilosebase unit, which tends to settle in the face, back, arms and buttocks.

How Does Acne Show İtself?

  • “Acne vulgaris” type in the form of classic redness and inflammation.
  • It’s just a type of “comedonal acne” in the form of black and skin-colored points.
  • Hardness that is handled under the skin, “nodulo cystic” type with precision.


Before starting acne treatment, the patient’s systemic illness, hormonal problems, drug use are questioned and examined. According to the problem identified, priority is the underlying probing treatment, if there are no problems; Appropriate and long-term treatment and follow-up is absolutely a success in every patient.

In mild acne, success with washing, skin care, peeling and only local treatment can be achieved with suitable cleaners. In the case of middle-aged inflammatory acne we are accompanied by; Skin care, cleansing peels, mouthwashing medicines and local creams are recommended. Called heavily acne; If it is the type of both inflammatory and cystic lesions, oral vitamin A tablets cream, skin care, cleansers.

How Do Acne Scars Develop and What İs Done İn The Treatment?

Acne scars are usually occured the acute which is not able to treat and they are caused by the deep infection and the damage of the infection when the acne is constantly blocked. İn treatment; if the acne and acne scars are on, both acne and scar treatment can be started together.

Main treatments used for acne scar treatment;

  • Altın İğne( iğneli radyofrekans) needle radiofrekansy
  • Peelings
  • Dermatherapy (dermaroller)
  • Spot lasers (for stains remaining after acne)

These treatments can be combined with each other according to the patient. The treatment should be carried out by a dermatologist and the specialist’s instructions should be followed.


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