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Warts are viruses that eat the skin and have about 200 varieties. Adults and children are in different places.
In children, most of the hands occur under the foot and face. Due to the pressure under the foot, they can become flat, flush with the skin of the foot, slightly raised in the hand, more raised in the face or even stalked.
In adult patients, mostly in the genital area, breech in the hand and foot soles.
They are usually skin-level or raised, skin-colored or darker in average size ranging from 3mm-10mm and may be single or multiple.

Although the mode of transmission varies, it is generally easier if the skin integrity of the contacted area is impaired by direct contact.

Particularly in children, warts are often found under the feet as a result of deterioration of skin integrity in the horse after the sea season.

It is estimated that 60% of men and women experience wart virus (HPV) at some point in their lives.
Once the virus is absorbed into the body, our immune system, the immune system, comes into play. If the defense system is weak, genital wart formation begins.

How to spread warts ?

  • with direct contact
  • with sexual contact (especially in areas not covered by condoms)
  • wart (HPV) in pregnant women after normal birth from mother to baby can pass.
  • The partner from which the genital wart passes and how long the virus has been in the body is difficult to detect, even impossible.
  • Genital warts kissing, towel, fork, spoon There is no evidence that the use of.

How to protect from warts  ?

  • We should protect our skin integrity areas, avoid contact with warty areas.
  • condoms should always be used during sexual intercourse, but it should be remembered that the virus can be transmitted from skin areas not covered by the condom.
  • HPV vaccine is the most effective protection and treatment method for everyone.

What is wart treatment ?

  • creams / solutions: act by removing the wart tissue chemically, or by strengthening the immune system of the existing skin and killing the wart.
  • drug injection for wart necrosis eliminating warts (vitamin D injection)
  • cryotherapy (ice treatment): allows the wart to freeze and then disperse by spraying liquid nitrogen.
  • especially in pregnant and pediatric patients and also in the genital area is a very comfortablapplication.
  • Laser wart treatment: is an alternative especially in the treatment of stubborn underfoot warts. Nd yag laser is used.

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