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Tattoo Erased With Q Switched Laser

There are several ways with tattoo erased process Q-switched lasers, deep peelings,  mechanical cleaners and acids are examples. But among them, the only treatment that wipes the tattoo without damaging the skin is treatment with Q-switched laser.

How İs Laser Tattoo Removal Effective?

Tattoo lasers distinguish coloring pigments from very small pieces. The garbage cells in our bodies can easily clean up these shattered paint particles.

Can Every Color Tattoo Be Removed? 

The easiest colors are black, dark blue and red can be erased. Yellow, light blue and light green are more difficult to clean.

How Many Sessions Does İt Take?

Between 4-10 sessions the tattoo is cleaned.

İs İt A Painfull Process?

It is a very comfortable application due to the drug cream used before the process and the accompanying cooler during the process.

What Are The Special Considerations After Laser?

Keeping it closed for 24 hours, use of creams recommended for 10 days a week, tightly protected (3 times a day) with sun, light and light, shells should not be torn off.


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