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Are Your filler Permanent ?

The use of a permanent filler has been almost abandoned because it is a non-reversible application.  We use FDA approved, highly safe, skin-compatible temporary  material made of hyaluronic acid. The temporary filling is easy to turnaround or there is also a melting material of the filler for any decision change.

However, permanent materials do not have such a chance, the situation of being removed by surgical operation which can create an another problem. The duration of impact of temporary fillers depends on the area in which they are placed. For example, it ranges from 6-8 months in a continuously moving area such as the lips, at least 1 year in under-eye, and 8-12 months in the cheek. Even when the filler is over time, the patient never go back to the begining, because of the reparative effect of the filler mentioned above, absolutely looks better.


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