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Rejuvenate With Your Own Cellular

Autologous Fibroblast İnjection       

Rejuvenation with self-renewal is a process in which a person’s own cells (a small biopsy from the area under-exposed to sun damage, such as the back of the ear) are replicated in the laboratory environment and the patient is again given the necessary areas, particularly in the line sense. Fibroblasts are the main cells of our skin. There is no risk of allergies in that the quince has its own fibroblasts. In summary, we multiply your cells and give them to the areas you are missing, just think of seeds in these areas, expect that seeds to grow there and repair the area. Therefore, as you might expect, a method that will act over time.

In What Conditions İs The Fibroblast Culture Method Applied?

  • Any kind of swelling, the wrinkle in the face, is removed
  • In the rejuvenation of the eyes and the under-eye.
  • In the treatment of traces left by diseases such as acne and waterbottles
  • In chronic wound treatment
  • Cigarette lines on the top of the lips

What Are The Advantages?

  • There is no risk of side effects such as allergies etc. because they are produced from your own tissue
  • Stay longer than filling etc.
  • There is no risk of moving to other areas, stays where it is.
  • As you have been done, you can continue your social life.
  • There is no special procedure to follow after treatment
  • If desired, you can hide the cells, for example after 5 years you can do a new application with your young cells today.

** It is a very special way to use your own cells to get younger and get rid of some complaints.


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