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Non-Surgical Face-Lift (THREAD LİFT)

The non-surgical face lift (youth sack) operation is the facial suspension and replacement operation normally performed with the suture material used in the surgery. The threads are completely dissolving in the tissue over time, and the melt is also stimulating in the sense of regeneration. These strands are materials that have been used in surgeries for a long time in surgery and which are almost free of allergies. The main substances of the pods are PDO (polydioxanone) and PLA (poly-1-lactic acid).

In Which Situations Does Facelift (Youth Droop) Needy Occur?

  • Any male or female who has a face sagging problem between the ages of 30-65 can be done.
  • When the eyelid is low.
  • Sagging and wrinkling around the neck.
  • Cheek and mid-face low.
  • To create face and chin contour.
  • To provide overall tinkering and a ton of color clearance on the skin.
  • Under-eye bruise
  • Under-eye lines

How To Make Non-Surgical Face-Lift (Youth Sack)?

It is a procedure that can be easily performed without needing general anesthesia in the clinic conditions. Before the procedure, the patient’s face is numbed with a local anesthetic cream, then applied to the patient with needles with rope on it.

How Long İs The Process?

The process takes 30-45 minutes.Afterwards the patient can easily go on to work and social life.

Treatment Effect?

An acute healing after recovery, recovery effect is seen. At the end of the 3rd month, the state of wellness is at the highest level. Our patients have an average effect of 1,5-2 years. Application; Will always look better and will not easily return to the starting point, as it stimulates the area to be built to a natural healing.


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