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Lip Filler

One of the  most popular filling application is lip filling. With the hyaluronic acid filler already present in every part of the body according to the complaints and needs in the lipregion fort he desired image is reached.

Why dont we make permanent filler?

If an undesirable effect is seen after applications such as permanent fillers, oil injections of if filler is desired to extracing, a surgical operation is performed. In order to keep our patients away fromthis risk, we fill at our clinic safely with a filler containing hyaluronic acid. Thanks to our FDA-approved products, which last six to eight months of efficacy on the lip, with varying duration of activity depending region of application, natural healing is also stimulated and we look better and more dynamic than the start point. We also reliably receive help from the enzyme hyaluranidase when it is needed.

In which situations is lip filler done?

  • Correcting lip asymmerty
  • For more fuller, more effective and attractive lips
  • Gummy smile complaints (gummy apperance when smile)
  • Moisturizing lips
  • Removing facial lines on the lips

** If you want you lips to be fuller, dynamic,wet and attractive. 15 minutes enough.


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