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Jawline Filler & Nefertity Filler

A defined and shapely jawline is an incredibly attractive feature for both man and woman, associated with youth and beauty. But with age , the skin begins to lose it’s natural suppleness and the muscles under the jaw pull the face down resulting in a loss angular jawline and flattened cheeks.

Nefertiti’s beautiful and confident face expression is composed of.

1-) A defined jawline

2-) Well defined has lips and nose

3-) Well shaped face.

When do we need jaw line filler ?

  • In order to define and slim down the face
  • To get rid of jowl
  • To have a well defined and long neck
  • To have a good propotion of jaw and lips
  • To have a confident look.
  • To get rid of sagging cheeks

To define pulme we have these treatments;

  • Jawline Filler
  • Ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Applications

Jawline treatment takes about 30 minutes. After the injection, there will likely be some swelling around the jawline but it is not much, you can turn back to your social life after the treatment.


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