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Filling Applications

As the name implies, filling applications are usually made to fill areas that are needed on the face. 90% of the fillings we have used recently are hyaluronic acid, which is already the main substance of collagen in our skin. We use materials that are obtained from outside the laboratory environment and have extremely safe international approvals.

In Which Situations Does İt Apply?

  • Skin dryness, lip dryness.
  • Between the eyebrows, the horizontal lines, the lines around the eyes and the lines underneath.
  • Any line in the cheek.
  • The lines in the neck and the decollete.
  • To fix the lines on the hand, the look of the hand and the aged weak hand.,
  • In mid-face and side-face collapses.
  • For the cheek bones to become evident.
  • For the line from the nose edge to the mouth corner (nasolabial line)
  • The mouth corner is downward, to correct the line that gives the sad expression to the face.
  • To lift the eyebrow.
  • To fill up the empty temple bones.
  • To fix the cigarette lines on the lip.
  • Lip voluming and asymmetry to correct if there is.
  • To fill in the traces of acne.
  • For under-eye purple and pitting. (The fastest rejuvenating to the patient, perhaps the miraculous filler).
  • To remove some minor irregularities and nasal defects and lift up the nose point  (no surgery or after surgery)
  • To enlarge small jaws (no prosthesis or rehearsal before prosthesis)

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