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About Me

She was born in 1972 in Adana. She graduated from the Medical Faculty of Çukurova University in 1997.

  • In 2004 Skin and Venereal Disease Specialist at Medical Faculty of Çukurova University,
  • In between 2004-2006 Assistant Professor at Medical Faculty,
  • In between 2007-2008 Bursa Gemlik Government Hospital,
  • In between 2008-2009 Edirne Private Ekol Hospital,
  • In between 2009-2012 İstanbul Private GOP Hospital,
  • In between 2012-2014 worked on only medical applications in Esteworld Bahçelievler,
  • In between 2014-2015 worked in M-onep Nişantası Esthetical Clinic.

* She is currently providing service on Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Disease at her own clinic named Dermalklinik.

Associations and Working Groups Memberships


Group of Dermatology and Dermapatology, 7th Meeting – Skin Aging and Thread Course 2015 Ankara
 Teosyal Dynamic Filler, Anatomy Course 2015 Istanbul
 Side Effect and Complication Solutions of Hyaluronic Asit Applications 2014 Istanbul
 Biovolumetria 2014, İstanbul
 Spot Treatments and Deep Chemical Peeling Course
 Allergan Anti-Aging Periorbital Area Course 2014
 PRP Applications in Dermatology 2013 Istanbul
 Cellulite Treatment with Mesothrapy 2013
 Teosyal , Redensity Under Eye Light Filler 2013, Istanbul
 International Thread Workshop
 Spot Treatments and Deep Chemical Peeling Course
 Redisse Dermal Filler and Application Course, 2013
 Ropped- Face Lift Courses 2013-2014
 Hair Removal Courses 2013-2014
 Dysport Application Course 2012 İstanbul
 Mesotherapy Application Course 2012 İstanbul
 Allergan Unlocking the Code to Facial Revitalisation: Putting the Codes Into Practice 2015, Istanbul
 Advanced Injection Techniques Master Class, 2015, Istanbul
 Teosyal Under Eye Light Filler, Redensity II, 2015, Istanbul
 Allergan Optimal Consultation and Whole Face Approach, 2015
 Fotona Laser Aesthetic and Dermatology Treatments, 2016, Istanbul
 Filler, Bot0x PRP Application Courses 2013-2014
 Filler-Bot0x Course 2011 Bursa
 Hair Removal Course 2011 Bursa
 Peeling, Roller Application Course 2011 Bursa
 Cosmetic Dermatology Course 2010 İzmir
 Dermatoscopy Course 2010
 Bot0x-Filler Course 2009 İstanbul
 Dermatoscopy Course 2008 İstanbul
 Cutanos Leismaniasis Course 2006 Adana
 Dermatoscopy Course 2006 İstanbul
 Filler and Bot0x Applications Course 2003 İstanbul
 Broadcast and Congress Declaration
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Speaker at CUTF International Congress of Participating Cardiology Student 1994
 Speaker at CUTF National participatory Oncology Student Congress 1995
 National Pediatric Dermatology Days 2004 Kayseri
 ICOS Cosmoderm III 2003
 Dermatology 2003 Spring Symposium İstanbul
 XV. Prof.Dr.Lutfu Tat Symposium 2001 Ankara
 XVI. Prof.Dr.Lutfu Tat Symposium 2003 Ankara
 XVII. Prof. Dr. Lütfü Tat Symposium 2005 Ankara
 Dermatology Spring Symposium 2005 İstanbul
 Dermatology Developments Symposium 2007 İstanbul
 Cukurova Dermatology Days 2006 Adana
 2.National Dermatologic Surgery Days 2008 İstanbul
 XIX.Prof.Dr.Lutfu Tat Symposium 2009 Ankara
 3.National Dermatologic Surgery Days 2010 İstanbul
 6th Uludag Dermatocosmetology Days 2011 Bursa
 20th Academy of Europe Dermatology and Venereology Congress 2011 Lisbon, Portugua
 11th Europe Pediatric Dermatology Congress 2012 Istanbul
 2nd Dermatology- Dermatoncology Nexs 2012 Bosnia
 Dermatology Spring Symposium 2009 Istanbul
 IMCAS Annual Meeting 2014 Paris
 DAD Dermatology Agenda, 2015, Eskişehir
 Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress. 2016, Monce Carlo
 Aesthetic and Anti-Age Medician Earth Congress, 2016 Monte Carlo, Monaco
 26th National Dermatology Congress 2016 Antalya